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Thread: Backing up Outlook Exchange settings

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    Backing up Outlook Exchange settings

    Hey Guys,

    Helping a friend out here ... he would like to reinstall windows and I have come across something I'm not 100% sure on. Using Outlook 2007, he accesses an exchange server for work email. How do I backup all the settings required to login again? I see under the server name it has some .local address though he is able to log in anywhere and does not need to be on the same network. How exactly is the server resolved? I'm fine backing up emails and contacts ... just stuck on the server/settings issue.

    Thanks so much!

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    It's deep in Outlooks mail settings, all of it done under the "More Settings" button, the Connection tab, down at the bottom ...checkbox and button for using Exchange HTTP. You'll see a button for "Exchange Proxy Settings"....All the goodies you need to fill it are down there. Pay attention to checkbox and drop down menu selections from this point on.

    The following guide is for Outlook 2003, but once you're down to that Exchange HTTP button....the settings are the same in Outlook 2007...basically everything after step 6 in the following guide

    Since he's using this across the internet, you'll want cached mode.

    And since this is basically just a connection to his Exchange do not backup any PST file, it's all done in an OST file, which you still don't need to backup (actually I recommend you don't, let it build a fresh new copy). Once you setup the connection...Outlook with do a long "synch" with the Exchange Server...and rebuild the local copy. If he only has a mailbox of a few hundred megs, it'll be done in probably less than 30 minutes. If he has a few may take a couple of hours for that first synch.

    Contacts an all that stuff, if it's a standard Exchange'll all in his mailbox on the Exchange Server anyways....which will synch up with Outlook, so really nothing to backup..just look at his old Outlook and jot down the settings.
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