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Thread: NIC Settings for ADSL+

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    NIC Settings for ADSL+

    I have a D-Link DFE-530TX NIC and I updated the Windows XP driver to the latest D-Link driver which has several more settings and I would like to know what settings/value I should set it to for Sympatico ADSL2 for maximum speed and stability ? The DSL Modem is a SpeedStream 5242E

    I noticed that now I am connected to 100Mbps instead of 10Mbps with the default XP driver, is it really connected at this speed ?

    Sympatico doesn't give any info on NIC settings or if their servers are half or full duplexes even if the SpeedStream modem is.

    Adaptive Interrupt: Enabled
    Connection Type: Auto-Negotiation
    Flow Control: Disabled
    Network Address: Not Present
    Receive Buffer: 64
    Transmit Buffer: 64
    Wake Up Type: OS Controlled

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    We usually do not tweak NIC settings, only TCP settings in the computer registry.
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