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Thread: port 139 open please hlp me !!!

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    Post port 139 open please hlp me !!!

    i use the RR maine and my port 139 is open but with my old isp in MA mediaone this port was stealth !!!! all the time without any firewall ( i use one but ...)
    please HELP ME!! for close this port or do rr need it ??? i don't think and i tried the RR suppport chat without success !!
    i forgot my files and printers sharring are uninstalled
    that make me sick please help me ...
    ps:sorry for my poor englih

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    ok.. now i found how to close it but
    i want to understan why with mediaone RR this port was STEALTH (with "use netbios setting via DHCP" options ) and now with the same options my netios port is OPEN and i need to dissable this option ??
    plouk don't understand


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