Clueless in Seattle wrote:
> Hi again (again!) Lem,
> Yesterday I posted a reply to your most recent message, but as also happened
> the day before yesterday, my message seems to have vanished into the
> electronic ether. So, I'll try again:
> A fellow over at a Toshiba laptop forum tells me that what I'm about to do
> is not "reinstalling" XP but rather "restoring" it. I have to confess that
> that's a distinction that is lost on me. But what he says leads me to
> believe that the CDs I got from Toshiba already have many of the drivers I'm
> going to need:
> "If you are going to use the discs that Toshiba sent you, Will, you will not
> be partitioning the hard disk or even installing Windows.
> "You will be restoring the hard disk to its original contents. The process
> simply lays down all the bytes on the drive, one-by-one. The original
> preinstalled Windows with all the drivers, utilities, and original software
> will be restored."
> If that's the case, would slipstreaming work for me?

Instead of providing an actual Windows CD (like the one you might buy in
a retail store) with systems that come with Windows pre-installed and
pre-activated, so-called "direct OEMs" (i.e., the big name-brand
computer manufacturers) provide a mechanism to restore the computer to
the state it was in when it left the factory, i.e., with Windows
installed, activated, and with all of the additional software that the
manufacturer decided to pre-load on the computer.

This mechanism may be a CD or DVD (or set of CDs) or it may be a hidden
partition on the hard drive. Slipstreaming isn't appropriate for such CDs.

You can, however, download the complete sp3 installation and burn it to
a CD (assuming that you have a CD burner):
You can only install sp3 on a system that has sp1 or later. Unless you
can date your restore CDs (or know when the laptop was originally
purchased), you won't know what service pack, if any, you'll end up with
after the restore. See this for more details, including where to get
sp1a if you need it:

Although that KB article says that you need SP1a or later to install
sp3, SP1 and SP1a differ only with respect Java (Microsoft lost a
lawsuit with Sun and had to remove the Microsoft version of Java that
was in the original sp1).

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