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Thread: How to access my DVR using dyndns?

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    How to access my DVR using dyndns?

    Im trying to use dyndns to access my DVR, which has a private IP (10.**.80.*) assigned by my router (linksys wrt300n). When setting up the dyndns thing i just let it autodetect my ip address and it gets something like this 201.***.***.** It works but it gets to my routers ip address, which from what ive read is the public ip. My question is, how do i use dyndns to get to my DVRs private ip within my routers public ip?

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    You need to open/forward ports necessary for your DVRs service to be available through the routers NAT firewall.

    For example, if your DVR is accessed via a web interface, perhaps that runs on something like port 8081..(you'd have to refer to your documentation or DVR support). You create a static LAN IP for your DVR, such as routers support this via DHCP reservations. Then you open/forward port 8081 on your routers port forwarding section of the web admin to that internal IP address.

    Now when accessing from the outside, point your browser to for example.

    Or does your DVR run on a host operating systems, like..runs right on Windows XP. Then you'd probably just want a remote desktop viewing program, like free.
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