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    Question Home NetWork Speed

    Hi, I have setup a home network sharing a DSL connection with a NetGear Switch 5-ports.
    the First computer installed is a 10/100 NIC with a CAT5 cable to the switch same as with the second computer, the DSL modem is attached with a x-over cable to the switch. on the switch, it shows the two computers are connected at 100mbps and the modem at 10bps, but when i transfer files from computer to computer and monitor the speed with System monitor and check the Network Clients Read item, it shows its speed is only at max 1.25megabytes/s which actually converts to 10mbits/s but i see that is not the full capabilities of the switch and on average the speed is only 650kbits/s or around that range.
    on both computers:

    TCP/IP bounds to Dial-up Adapter
    NetBeui bound to NIC
    NIC bound to RasPPPoE
    File,Print Sharing
    TCP/IP is NOT bound to sharing NOR NetBeui
    both computers running WinME Final

    what other configuration can i go about to boost the performance of the network? (meaning file transfers from computer-to-computer)

    i have read on this board once stating the Windows 98 can go a max of 3.3mbytes/s over a network but Windows NT can go lot faster or something like that... plz send any comments

    Thank You!

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    i had the same problem as you
    all i had to do to fix my problem was unbind all my tcp/ip protocals with everything else
    thats means unchecking all the boxes uneder the bindings tab for the tcp/ip protocals
    that made my computer boot up faster and increased my network spead
    the next thing i did was look on and went to the patches section for cable and dsl and downloaded the win98pppoe program which edited my registry and increased my network speed by 300kilobits/s
    but if you get curious and start looking at the rest of the patches on the page whatever you do don't download the .386 file
    that thing screws up your Network card

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    It did not mess my network card up.Could be yours was not compatibul.Work grate with mine
    and in my other two computers.I run all 3com nics.


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