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    I am using ATT@Home Cable service. ATT@Home assigns me a static IP address. When I go to some BBS sites, I can see my complete IP address shown on the board. I don't feel good about this. It feels like running naked on the street and everybody is watching me.

    Is there a way not to show my IP address?

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    I'm sure there is a way to do this but this is suposed to be a clean site so...the only way I know of is to use a proxy or to avoid those sites.
    Oh other way...and it works like a champ. Use Freedom. Its one great way to get email or surf in total freedom
    hummmm sounds like an ad...sorry about that.

    just don't bogart ALL the cool nyms.

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    Thanks for your reply. I was not awared that it was not legal not to reveal complete IP address. Since I saw a lot people not showing IP address in those BBS sites, I thought it was common practice not showing IP address.

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    Many web sites will embed a javascript in the page that will show your ip. To avoid this you must disable active scripting in your browser.

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    any CGI (or other dynamic program) can find out your IP, and a whole bunch of other stuff about you. your safest way is to use a proxy. Try (i've never actually tried using that, but I've heard from people that it works fine).


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    Yes anonymzier works fine too. Although if you don't pay for the service, its really slow. I know what you mean about the cgi stuff though. Its why I like freedom. You can use up too 5 different nyms and can route through 3 different servers.And can even get your email through your nyms.

    All depends on how paranoid you are.

    who's that porkin' my ports now? NSA?

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