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Thread: Linksys WRT120N wired connection limited

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    Linksys WRT120N wired connection limited

    I bought a new Linksys WRT120N cable broadband router & installed it today, but could only get a 10 Mbps wired connection to the host desktop computer & 9.5 Mbps to the intenet (Dell Dimension 8300 with Windows XP SP3 & onboard Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Card) .
    As the internet connection speed should be 20 Mbps, it was an unexpected limitation !

    The previous 5 year old Linksys wrt54g is detected as standard on "autodetect" at 100 Mbps & gives an intenet connection speed of 19.5 Mbps (WRT54g is working Ok on 2 wired ports, but being replaced due to failures on remainder of the wired ports after a lightening strike !)

    I tried forcing the computer Network card settings with the new router to 100 Mbps rather than the existing "autodetect", but the connection just crashed. I've therefore returned it back to the default "autodetect".
    Running Intel network diagnostics on the card / connections could find no problem.
    I returned the router & got a replacement - with the same result on the replacement - only detected at 10 Mbps.

    I've tried connecting the wrt120N via the same cable to an old Dell laptop I have with Windows XP Pro & strangely the router is detected at 100 Mbps, but the internet connection speed is no more than 11.5 Mbps.

    Cisco / Linksys have not been too helpful other than suggesting I try changing the link speed / connection type to 100 Mbps Full duplex - as attempted without success.
    They then suggested I buy a WRT160N as a replacement - but without being to justify why it should be any different other than wireless speed.

    Any ideas of what I can try next (other than rely on the almost dead WRT54g !) ?



    PS I've read many forum entries here & elsewhere - but without finding any similar problem / resolution. Hope the experts can help !
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    PS I've read many forum entries here & elsewhere - but without finding any similar problem / resolution. Hope the experts can help !

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    That router tested at 90 megs of throughput in Tims tests over at SmallNetBuilder.

    It's odd that it's only negotiating at 10 megs for you. Have you flashed with the latest firmware? Tried giving a hard factory reset? Sure you're not reading XPs "plug and play" connection instead of the actual LAN connection?
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    Linksys wrt120N wired speed limited

    I know it should be sensed / work at 100Mbps - they are 10/100Mbps devices like my "old" wrt54g.
    I didn't try upgrading the firmware - as i wanted to make sure it could be returned & because the minor firmware changes did not appear to relate to wired connection speed or compatibility (I chechecked the firmware history file on the Cisco support website.
    I did try a hard re-set via the reset button & also via the software option - no change.
    The connection is definitely only 10 Mbps - also indicated via the Intel diagnostic software as well as Windows.
    If it was actually working at 100Mbps I should be able to get the original internet connection speed of 19.5Mbps as measured when using the wrt54g router. (I returned both wrt120n's & am back to 19.5Mbps to the internet via the wrt54g.

    It seems that I've had incredibly bad luck to have 2 of these wrt120N's with faulty wired connections limiting the connection speed to 10Mbps (both were from the same batch) OR for some unknown reason my PC won't recognise them as 100Mbps devices when it will recognise a wrt54g as a 100Mbps device

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    Probably too late now since they've been returned, but did you try a different ethernet cable? Curious if a patch cable was starting to fail, but still allowed 100 meg connection with the older router, yet failed auto negotiation at 100 meg on the newer router for some reason.

    Are these short patch cables? Or a long run from the PC to the router?
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    For the 2nd WRT120N I did try different ethernet cables (CAT5 & CAT5e) - but without any effect on link speed or internet connection speed.
    The cable length from router to PC is only a yard.

    Thanks for the extra ideas. Although both have been returned, I know I need to understand the cause of the problem - otherwise I may have the same issue when the original WRT54g router loses another wired port, becomes useless & definitely needs to be replaced.

    I think I need to borrow another known good router to try on my system - to give confidence that that make / model is sensed OK by my PC before buying. However, I think friends may be nervous of lending equipment if they think my PC causes router problems !

    Now we're back in work again I''ll ask my local IT support if they have any ideas - although I won't hold my breath waiting for something useful !

    PS I'm not sure if my old router is feeling "threatened" - but internet connection speed has climbed slightly nearer the maximum stated ISP connection speed. I'm now getting 19.6Mbps vs the stated 20Mbps.
    Alternatively, everbody could be sleeping off the New Year celebrations & giving me more bandwidth !

    Thanks again,


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    Same prob here... too bad no solutions were posted... I really wanna know if you had any success with your WRT120N... Help me...

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    Well, I bought this router today and be not so happy too with wireless speed. Its be only 30 mbit/s(3 mB/s). I upgraded firmware from 1.004 to 1.006, still same. Than I go to wireless basic settings and choose from list network mode:mixed(as default) and channel width to:auto(20mhz or 40mhz). And wolla:my wireless speed at 80 % signal strenght is to 92 mbit/s(about 11 mB/s). I m very happy with this router because it costs only 38$. Good performance and excellent price Good Luck

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