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Thread: loosing connection when I turn on my blueray player

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    loosing connection when I turn on my blueray player

    Ok so what I have is a Motorola 5120 modem connected to a belkin wireless N router. I have 1 computer and a samsung blueray player hardwired to the router via ethernet cables and 1 computer connected on the wireless. I have the firewall turned off on the router and I gave everything static IP adresses. My problem is that every time I turn my blueray player on I loose my internet connection. I don't think the problem is on the router because restarting does not work but when I restart the modem everything works ok. The problem is that my blueray turns off automatically when not being used and everytime somebody tries to use it I have to get up and restart my modem. This is getting really annoying and I could use some help.

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    I've never heard of that, there should be no relation between the 2 at all.
    What make/model router do you have?
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