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Thread: Setting up a second router to act as extension to the first?

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    Setting up a second router to act as extension to the first?

    Please bear with me, networking is definitely not my forte!

    Alright, I always used to work with 1 router, the linksys WRT54G v8 around the house, and that was fine.

    Now I went to my local electronics store, and got a good deal on a Belkin F5D8236-4 Wireless N router.

    That was cool, but I realized even then the range wasn't enough..or the far reaches I found the signal to be sub-par for my uses.

    So what I decided was I'd try to use my trusty old Linksys router. I also decided, in case I'd need some kind of specific function Cisco doesn't provide, that I'd flash the router to the latest DD-WRT firmware, which I did seamlessly.

    Now I just need to know how in the world I need to configure this thing for it to work.

    I noticed, when I configured it to be the exact same as the Belkin, it works (I had plugged an ethernet from a LAN port of the Belkin to the port where the modem usually connects to on the Linksys), but performance is (excuse the expression) piss-poor. For instance, on my Xbox 360, I would have full bars of signal from the wireless connection to the Linksys, but it would still lag like crazy.

    So, in case you cannot imagine my setup, here's a makeshift picture.


    Belkin Wireless Router>----Cat6 Ethernet Cable-----???? Linksys Router

    Basically everything is wireless, but I have no clue how to hook up to the Linksys ..does the wire go from the LAN of Belkin to LAN of Linksys or INTERNET port of Linksys

    Thank you!

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    The Linksys gets connected to the Belkin from LAN to LAN port. Leave the Internet or WAN port on the Linksys empty.
    I suggest you give the Linksys a static IP address in the same range as the Belkin. i.e. if Belkin IP is, give the Linky an IP of and disable DHCP on the Linksys.

    When connected OK, go back into the Linksys and provide security:
    Change SSID to something unique
    Change default password
    Use WPA (not WEP) level security
    Change channel to 1 or 11 (or some non conflicting channel with neighbours)

    you should be good to go. (I assume Belkin is not wireless)

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