Please bear with me, networking is definitely not my forte!

Alright, I always used to work with 1 router, the linksys WRT54G v8 around the house, and that was fine.

Now I went to my local electronics store, and got a good deal on a Belkin F5D8236-4 Wireless N router.

That was cool, but I realized even then the range wasn't enough..or the far reaches I found the signal to be sub-par for my uses.

So what I decided was I'd try to use my trusty old Linksys router. I also decided, in case I'd need some kind of specific function Cisco doesn't provide, that I'd flash the router to the latest DD-WRT firmware, which I did seamlessly.

Now I just need to know how in the world I need to configure this thing for it to work.

I noticed, when I configured it to be the exact same as the Belkin, it works (I had plugged an ethernet from a LAN port of the Belkin to the port where the modem usually connects to on the Linksys), but performance is (excuse the expression) piss-poor. For instance, on my Xbox 360, I would have full bars of signal from the wireless connection to the Linksys, but it would still lag like crazy.

So, in case you cannot imagine my setup, here's a makeshift picture.


Belkin Wireless Router>----Cat6 Ethernet Cable-----???? Linksys Router

Basically everything is wireless, but I have no clue how to hook up to the Linksys ..does the wire go from the LAN of Belkin to LAN of Linksys or INTERNET port of Linksys

Thank you!