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Thread: Opinions on Jammer? What should I use?

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    Question Opinions on Jammer? What should I use?

    Does anyone have an opinion of Jammer, by Agnitum software?
    My knowledge of network security is somewhat light. I am using Jammer right now on three of my computers that are connected with a cable modem through @Home. Jammer has detected TCP port scanning, and on a couple instances someone trying to use Back Orifice. I'm assuming it's effective. However, if someone knows of some better ways to protect my machines, I'd love to hear them. Thank you.

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    Well I'm using the Jammer too and I find that it works great. But I'm also using the ATGuard(a.k.a @Guard) Firewall and all my ports are blocked. A friend of mine has BlackIce and he did a Port scan and found a few ports open and then he did a scan on my pc, didn't find any ports open. I was using the Intruder Alert before but that was a real pain in the ass when that alarm when on.


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