KPF v2.1.5 has been giving annoying fwdrv.sys blue screens in Windows XP
Pro. SP3 over the last few months. I thought I got it fixed by
uninstalling old PerfectDisk v6, but I got another blue screen last
night. You can see the full details, including WinDbg analysis logs, in

I think it is time for me to dump it and replace it with something else.
The problem is which one? I am looking for something small/light and
fast that only blocks network connections especially outbounds like KPF
and even the old Conseal PC Firewall in Windows 9x. I do NOT need
checksums, adblockers, parental controls, etc. Also, it needs to work on
dial-up connections if my cable modem connection (behind a Linksys
WRT54GL router. but it doesn't block other computers on LAN and outbound
network connections) goes down or something.

Thank you in advance. :)
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