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Thread: X-Mas Loot Thread

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    X-Mas Loot Thread

    List your bounties!

    Wife got me a snow blower
    Misc clothes 'n such, some CDs (Clapton, Van Halen), Anthony Bourdain book.

    Got Wifey a 13" Laptop... Lipstick red Dell Vostro 1320, and the Sex in the City Deluxe Collectors Edition package, and for our anniversary last night got her a remote car starter.

    Got Jake components to build a new gaming computer, Intel Quad Core, 4 gigs GSkill, Gigabyte GA35 DS3, Sapphire 5770 1 gig, WD Black Edition 750 gig, Windows 7, RaidMAX smilodon dirktooth case.

    For Marissa, Nintendo DS, wifey got her buncha little girls toys.

    For the family, got Nintendo Wii with some sports bundle.
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    I got nothing. The happiest thing I got was the Judge lifting the no contact order barring us to see our grandson yesterday. Long story.
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    Heroes Season 3
    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

    So excited about today.

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    still early yet... got a radio controlled car for the boy (which I'll play with more chasing the cat and dog around)

    new bedroom comforter set,curtains and such since I wanted to re do a few rooms in the house. Tailgating VT gear and stuff.

    stocking full of sweet tarts (my fav)

    New Wii game Cabela's Big game hunter (got a little early but still a xmas gift)

    got lots more to open later on when parents come down after the ice has fallen....we have freezing rain and sleet falling right now.

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    Lots of food.
    Theres so much food!

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    16' Toshiba L505 laptop, 4g ddr3, core2duo t6500 2.1ghz......
    Laptop sleeve,
    Invicta watch
    carhart pants sweatshirt and long sleeve tee shirt

    Daughter got the same lappy, digital camera, clothes...

    Wife got gps for car, bath lotions, perfume, jewelry, movies...

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    Bought myself a Canon 50mm lens and a 1.5TB external drive

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    Got a 4000lb warn winch for my Teryx
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    My wife surprised me with a Blu-Ray player.

    I got her a nice pair of Nikon Binoculars. We live right next door to a huge park and nature center and they will be great during our walks.

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    Eh, no chimney so Santa couldn't enter to drop off gifts sadly. So nothing for me.
    I should really get around to building a chimney for him... some day...
    "I'm like a lion on the prowl after prey"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easto View Post
    My wife surprised me with a Blu-Ray player.

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    From She Whom Thinks I Need To Learn How To Be A Child - Silly putty, foam bookmarks with googly eyes and pom-poms, a light-up toothbrush, sculpy clay (polymer clay), and a puzzle book.

    From my dad - GTX 260, CoolerMaster case, Antec 550W power supply.

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    A ridiculously large lunch.

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    I got a new camera and 4 lenses ,a Canon T1i

    an original "Rolling Stone" magazine the month that Jerry Garcia passed away and was on the cover,(1995)

    $30 BB gift card,

    tons of stocking stuffer things ,

    Sons of Anarchy t-shirt & shot glass,

    Maui Brewing Co t-shirt,

    2 packs of new boxers,

    bag of Kona coffee beans,

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    Kohl's Gift Cards
    Kitchen bowls
    Bunch of stocking stuff
    Very awesome dinner
    Spending time with family

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    Germs from my nenephew to make me sick...heroes season 3an and a new office chairphe
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    Quote Originally Posted by CiscoKid View Post
    Germs from my nenephew to make me sick...heroes season 3an and a new office chairphe
    Seems you've been hitting the eggnog pretty heavy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CiscoKid View Post
    Germs from my nenephew to make me sick...
    Don't you just hate when sick people come around you?

    It's like they have no respect for you.

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    I got a gift certificate to WalMart, which I bought my happy new HP multimedia computer keyboard. Love the volume control buttons on the keyboard.. that rocks!

    I got a $25 dollar gift card to new egg.. probably going to get a external hard drive case.

    I got the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie , I have not seen this yet.. it suppose to be a good flick.

    I also got a very cool Star Wars hood sweatshirt that has all of the characters on it .. black silk-screened a dark brown / orange color fabic.. pretty cool.. I'll have to take a picture of it.. also a Yoda t-shirt from the same artist.

    I did not get Windows 7.. which was a surprise seeing how one of my in-laws was going to buy it for me.. but whatever.. I'm very happy just to have some downtime with my family.

    Merry Christmas. to everyone !
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