I recently signed up for Shaw Nitro in Saskatoon which is 100 Mbps down / 5 Mbps up.

I have XP, Vista & 7 running on 3 separate PC's (upgrades pending).

I am able to download from Usenet (Supernews) at 11.05 MBps (88.4 Mbps). Shaw suggested I run a TCP Optimizer but the one on this site only goes to 20,000 Kbps (19.53 Mbps). The servers I am downloading from can handle far more than 100 Mbps so that is not the bottleneck.

I am willing to accept that 88.4% of my connection is pretty good, but I want to make sure that my OS's and there settings are not the limiting factor. What settings do you suggest I do for these OS's to get that last bit of bandwidth out of my connection.