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Thread: problems with a peer-to-peer network

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    Post problems with a peer-to-peer network

    I set up a peer-to-peer network, with a direct lan cable, and i can't seem to get the computers to see each other, any suggestions?

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    Make sure the cable your using is a cat5 cross over cable and not a regular cat5 cable for a hub. crossover cable is needed when not using a hub.

    Make sure both computers have the same workgroup name, right click on Network Neighborhood and choose properties, then select Identification tab.

    make sure you have enabled file and print sharing in Network porperties.

    also you have to share a drive in My Computer, right click on drive and select sharing.

    Hope this helps

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    For RJ45 Direct Conexion you need a CAT5 crossover cable.
    You can use a smal HUB (4Ports) elsewhere or if your lan card have EthernetThin connector use a 50Ohms cable need T connectors and Terminating Resistors


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