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Thread: Security or Not Security

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    Post Security or Not Security

    Hi new to the dsl world
    I have a PPPoE account thru mindspring and just wondering about the security.?
    I have to log on manual thru a program to get on the internet so Im not online all the time do I need to have security.?

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    Wise man told me once,
    "Better to have it, and not need it. Than to need it and not have it."

    Better to have it, just in case. I look at it like Anti-Viri prog. Betcha got that on your PC, and use it regularly, just to be safe.

    Same thing, it's a "just to be safe" measure.
    Too many things in most peoples PC can be gotten too easily, By a skilled hacker.

    So, put a rubber on it BE SAFE !



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