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Thread: WRT54G + Comcast = random cutouts?

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    Re: WRT54G + Comcast = random cutouts?

    Bill M. wrote:
    > On Fri, 04 Dec 2009 23:48:22 -0500, Justin
    > <> wrote:
    >> Bill M. wrote:
    >>> I would suggest a slightly different mindset next time it happens.
    >>> Instead of focusing on fixing the issue, focus on troubleshooting the
    >>> issue. Once you know what the real issue is, the permanent solution
    >>> will likely become obvious.

    >> Yeah, right.
    >> Thanks for all the "help."

    > You're welcome.
    >> I am switching to Comcast's triple play so I will end up with a new
    >> cable modem.

    > I didn't see any issues with your current modem, so I don't expect to
    > see any major changes as a result of getting a new one. I know you
    > need it to support the triple play, but I'm just saying.
    >> The connection has been working all day.

    > Cool. Hope it stays that way. :)

    Yeah, I should be able to "narrow it down."
    I'll send your advice over to my local police department. There's been
    a murder. I'll tell them to narrow down the list of suspects to one -
    from there the problem should present itself.

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    Linksys and Comcast cable modem

    My Linksys router and Comcast modem a working just fine. Hereís what I did.
    First you must understand what you are trying to achieve. You are trying to make the modem think that it is talking directly to the computer. In other words, the Linksys router must look just like the Dell computer to the Comcast modem. This is primarily done by giving the router the same Mac address as a computer.
    1. Plug the ethernet cable from the back of the computer straight into the cable modem. Make sure you are able to get to the Internet just like that. If not, something is wrong with your modem. A Comcast tech will be glad to help you with the modem which is his own equipment.
    2. If the Internet is working, the modem is fine. On your computer screen, go to the command prompt (Start> Programs> Accessories >Command Prompt). Now youíre seeing a black DOS screen. Type in: ipconfig/release. Hit your Enter key. Wait 30 seconds and type in: ipconfig/renew Hit Enter again.
    3. Now that you have a fresh ip address issued by the cable modem, type in: ipconfig/all. This will give you the physical address of your computer. It should look like this: 00.1A.A0.22.1A.8B. This is an example not the actual address. Write this address down.
    4. Okay, plug the Internet cable from the back of your computer into your WAN connection socket. WAN is the first socket alone. LAN are the four sockets numbered one to four. While forums donít explain this I have no idea. Now plug the power cord to the router into the wall. youíre trying to get into the routerís configuration so you can change the Mac address.
    5. You can usually access the router in Internet Explorer browser by typing the address:; Sometimes, if youíve tinkered with the firmware, your routerís main address may be different. If all else fails, hold down the reset button in the back of the router for 60 seconds. This should give the router back its factory defaults and now that address is good.
    6. Assuming you are inside your routerís administration page, find the tab that says Clone Mac address. Enable the clone, but type in the address you wrote down. Just in case youíve forgotten, the physical address of your computer is the same Mac address we want to give to your router so the modem thinks itís talking to the computer. While youíre there in the router, make sure your security is WPA with your personal security code, at least 10 digits long. Write it down.
    7. Save all settings. Get out of your router and turn it off, unplug it from the wall.
    8. Now here is the tricky part. The cable modem is on. The router is off. So that you donít get confused, I am going to use color cables. Iím going to plug a gray ethernet cable into the back of my computer (Itís really already there). Iím going to plug the other end of the gray cable into the Number 1 LAN socket on my router. Iím going to plug a yellow ethernet cable into the cable modem. Iím going to plug the other end of the yellow cable into the WAN socket (standalone, not numbered) of my router. The yellow cable is transferring the internet to my router.
    9. You can now plug the router back into the wall. Give the router time to light up, and grab the information from the modem, maybe 60 seconds. The modem is on; the routerís on. All we need now is a wireless adapter.
    10. Plug your wireless adapter into the computerís USB slot. Tell the adapter to find all the networks. When you find your network, double-click or click Connect. The adapter screen should ask for the 10 digit security code you wrote down. Once you plug this code in, the screen should be connected to the network.
    11. Now go around to each computer in the house and configure their individual wireless adapters to connect to the new network. Each time you will be asked for the 10 digit security code. Now everybody should be online.
    So many people have helped me in these forums, Iím glad to give back. GOOD LUCK!!!

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