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Thread: Xbox Live Terrible Host ( Ambit Modem )

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    Xbox Live Terrible Host ( Ambit Modem )

    Alright so my ISP is Charter Communications, and I live in Georgia.

    I have one of those Ambit routers

    My connection is fine on Xbox Live as long as I'm not the host in the game, but when matchmaking you dont get to choose who gets host.
    The only reason this is a problem is because Xbox live gives me host about 9 out of 10 games. If you know of a way to avoid getting host on xbox live please tell me, maybe changing some internet settings or something like that.

    I have tried closing my NAT, Clearing my Cache, Opening ports, Changing the Coax Lines, Changing Modems, Hooking it up to a router, and playing a different game other than halo 3, and different Xbox 360s.

    Oh yea another thing when I get host on Matchmaking the connection is fine for me even though it registers as Red and Yellow for everyone else, but they are lagging and sometimes not moving.

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    just off the top of my head (and admittedly without real firsthand with XBOX), have you tried running a speed and/or latency test to see what your connection is like? ive run/admin'd a few game servers both locally and colocated, and many of the symptoms you describe sound like either not enough upload bandwidth available or bad latency to the internet/backbone. would also explain why things appear fine on your end (youre connecting via your own LAN. comparatively massive bandwidth available with <10ms latency) and not to those on the WAN side.
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    My upload is very bad, what I dont understand is why I get the host every single game.

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