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Thread: Download speed slows to a tenth until router is un/replugged, upload speed stays norm

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    Download speed slows to a tenth until router is un/replugged, upload speed stays norm

    My computer is connected directly to my wireless WRT110 lynksys router and I have a 20mb/s connection with a 1.5 mb/s upload speed. The computer I am testing the speed on is directly wired into the router and is running windows 7.I have noticed that over time my connection speed drops to exactly 2 mb/s (this number remains constant over several weeks) while my upload speed stays at 1.5 mb/s I have never seen the speed inbetween my normal connection and a tenth of it.

    This problem fixes its self the moment I unplug my router and plug it back in, so I believe it is not a hardware over heating problem. Unplugging the modem does nothing. I do extensively use bit torrent to download tv shows but I also make sure it is shut off when I run tests, and I have no indication to believe my ISP is throttling my connection.

    I have the logs on my router and no one else is using it (the other computer in the house connected wirelessly only browses the internet and does not download anything) I would really prefer not to have to buy a new router and I hope their is something on my end I can fix. I tried to provide all possible relevant information I could think off at the moment and I want to thank you guys in advance for any help.

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    if there is a wan duplex setting on the router try changing that setting. Also try allowing icmp wan requests if it is disabled see if the speed picks up
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