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Thread: Using a Router as a Switch?

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    Using a Router as a Switch?

    I need a switch for my 100mbit connection, so I was thinking of using one of my unused D-Link DI-524 routers by disabling its DHCP server.

    Would the router still interfere with the IP of the packets though, instead of operating on the OSI-2 layer like a real switch?

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    Ensure the LAN IP of the DLink doesn't conflict with any IPs on your network.
    Yes disable DHCP
    Uplink the DLink to your existing LAN using a LAN port of the DLink, you will not use the WAN/Internet port of the DLink.
    Now you've added another 3 ports to be used as a switch. Basically a 4 port switch (with 1 used for the uplink)
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