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Thread: Why on earth does a CD tray get "stuck" and finally open after 10 tries?

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    Why on earth does a CD tray get "stuck" and finally open after 10 tries?

    My Plextor cd/dvd rw has this issue of not ever ejecting when i hit the button. if i right click the tray icon and choose eject it will finally eventually after a few minutes eject. Anyway to figure out how/why this is happeneing and what can i do to stop it

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    I'm working on a system that had a similar issue..I found the tray was bent downward slightly, I just pushed up on it a little with it open (not alot to break it) and that fixed it...not sure why it was bent down. I got the system for that reason...and when I tried to boot it up, I get Unmountable Boot Volume

    SO I'm now trying to figure out if the drive is still good before I tell the people that the computer they just dropped off for me for a trivial issue now has a big issue.

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    since the things are fairly cheap i dont usually try and troubleshoot them. aside from the long and drawn out PITA process of trying it in different systems to narrow it down, maybe check the *-rom and/or mobo/controller mfgr for a firware update.
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    A lot of miscellaneous reasons...

    Program still accessing it...perhaps some images waiting to be written
    Old/odd drivers still in the system for prior devices, if the old cd-rom wasn't removed from Windows before physically removing it.
    BIOS/firmware conflicts
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