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Thread: uTorrent Slow Uploading / High Speedtest/Pingtest Scores

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    uTorrent Slow Uploading / High Speedtest/Pingtest Scores

    My uploading speed in uTorrent is miserable at 20-200kb. Can someone help? I tried all kinds of uTorrent settings optimization guides I read on the net, but to no avail. Please help me.

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    Post you TCP Analyzer report.

    Are you connected through a router. If yes, brand and model.

    Have you set a static LAN IP address into your comp, turn off uPnP , and done port forward yet?

    Any software firewall running?

    Tell us what limits you have set into Utorrent program:

    - No. of total connections
    - No. of connections per torrent
    - No. of running torrents
    - Global Upload Speed
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