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Thread: Setting Up New Wireless Connection Help!!!

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    Setting Up New Wireless Connection Help!!!

    Hey guys,

    Basically im here in Japan and im connected to my 1gig VDSL2 connection via PPPOE through our router the company supplied us.
    The internet all works fine when i connect it directly to my laptop so no issues there!

    But i want to run the connection through our wireless router or just set it up as a AP. Basically i have gone into the wireless router via the control panel set it up as a PPPOE client and entered in the same password and username my ISP provided me to connect to the net. I then can see the wireless router and its sending out a signal i can also connect to it.

    But when i plug my ISP's router into my wireless router via the blue net cable then connect to the wireless connection it has no internet and i cant browse the net or anything. I can connect to the wireless router but its not getting internet from my ISP's router.

    What am i doing wrong, i setup the wireless router i then unplug it from my laptop plug the ISP's router into my wireless router with all the same PPPOE user and password settings but its not getting the internet?

    Any help would be great thanks!!!

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    ok i can connect now i just noticed the DNS details in the wireless router were wrong but now everytime i want to connect to the internet i must first connect to the wireless then i have to manually dial into the PPPOE connection. The wireless router wont dial the connection automatically and hold it.

    How would i go about fixing this?

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    The modem itself may be a "1 IP router". You may have to put the modem into Bridge Mode, then use the router to manage the connection. The modem & router probably have the same LAN IP address.
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    Have you deleted the PPPoE settings on your computer. You needed to set them up in the router and there's no need for them on the computer as well. the internet connection is made by the router - not your computer.

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