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    Re: NDIS user mode I/O driver

    I had the same problem as Tiago. Thanks Duane for the solution.
    Here is some further info on my attack:

    I was running my BitTorrent client when I noticed some unknown URL
    wanting to use LSASS. I told Sygate "no" and then it was asking me
    whether the same URL could use NDIS I said "no" again. This started to
    worry me so I looked at the Sygate traffic window and saw that despite
    being denied, NDIS was still importing traffic.

    I then looked at my BitTorrent leeches and found the same URL there.
    Shortly after another BT URL was trying the same thing.

    Clearly what was happening here is that a worm on infected machines is
    using BitTorrent protocol to find open ports ON REMOTE MACHINES and then
    using those ports with NDIS to infect further machines.


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    wow, interesting case!!

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