Now that is impressive. After years "away" from society I come back to see a vast majority of the same members still active on the board. SG was always a very tight, close knitt family with lots of love.

Hello everyone! I have been through some of the toughest times of my life in the past two -3 years. I look at it more as being refined and pruned to have the ability to grow and flourish with my maker.

Family is good. Still at the same house. While I was "away" my 2 year old drowned. Wife found my son face down in pool and quickly removed him and administered CPR with the aid of 911. He survived and remained in the hospital for 5 days on life support. He was unable to breath on his own even though all tests reveiled perfect health. On the 5th day (which was my wifes 40th birthay) my boy sat up in his bed and said "Hi mommy". No brain damage and still the same old abundantly happy Jonnathan. Thank God!

I am truly blessed and this definately shows me how precious my time with family is. Without getting into too much detail, I had 4 different agencies come to my house and take me to an extremly violent world lack of common sense and void of individuality. Though, that is where I found myself. Fear based politics and low self esteem ran rampant and without direction. Again, that is the exact place where I found which path I wanted to take.

I have been home for almost three weeks and I still find myself fighting the developed mindset aquired while away. Its a lifestyle reintegration period and I am aware I must acknowledge the process must be done in spoonfuls.

With 30 years of ill manored behavior under my belt the road to a more abundant existance rides the fine line of moderation and perseverence. I have always been an extremist.

I enjoy my family and friends now much more than ever. My tools are Love , Acceptance and Understanding. God is love.

Thats wasnt so brief was it? LOL

Well, hello SG family. Nice seeing you all here again!

Missed you all.
Shalom <-----(for David-HellYes- Dues-ex-Machina)
Hi Downhill!!!
John and Sheri