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Thread: Networking 2 routers with 2 internet connections

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    Networking 2 routers with 2 internet connections

    Hi I didnt know where to ask this and thought that this is as good of a place as any

    so i have 2 routers 2 internet connections and 4 computers i would like to network all 4 computer to be able to share files and such , so is it possable to connect router A to router B so all 4 computers can share files while still having computer 1 and 2 using internet connection A and computer 3 and 4 using internet connection B.. i dont know if im being clear enough but ive included a diagram

    thank you in advance for any help

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    yes, with some configuration changes to the routers. Make sure that both routers are configured with the same LAN ranges, and make sure that each router has a different internal IP addres (i.e. router A= router B= it's important that they both be on the same logical network. Then you can use a crossover cable to connect the routers via a LAN port on each(or connect them each to a switch).
    Then you should be able to statically configure Computers 1,2,3 and 4, assigning each the proper Default Gateway (router A or B).
    This way, all the machines will be on the same physical and logical network, and each will go to the proper router (or Default Gateway) for internet connectivity.
    DHCP will be messy with this configuration so I'd probably disable it on at least one of the routers altogether, however this will mean that if you want a new machine to connect to the internet via that router it will need to be manually configured.
    Will it work? yes.
    Will it be simple and clean? no.

    :EDIT: I'll draw up a diagram in visio later or tomorrow when I'm on my work laptop to help make sense.

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