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Thread: 9-16MB transfer speeds on Gbit LAN

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    9-16MB transfer speeds on Gbit LAN

    I've done some research on why my transfer rates are so low. I've checked cables, HD settings, Jumbo packets, duplex speeds, usb settings... I still have really slow transfers.

    I'm going from a dual core athlon machine with a Sata II drive to a 2.5gzh single core with an external USB Sata II drive (using it's own USB controller). I can get 25MB/s going to a 7200, internal, IDE drive on the same machine. This still seems low to me.

    Any thoughts??
    Oh, PCI Realtek 8110 Gigabit on the single core. The dual-core has an on-board Nvidia gigabit chip (updated driver for Win7)


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    The HDD, the NIC and the OS are all bottlenecks. ~200Mb/sec is pretty typical for non Cat6(or fiber) home-grade ethernet.

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    Nvidia windows 7 drivers

    I just found out today nvidia's drivers for w7 shift from 1Gb to 100Mb after
    logon. Switched back to standard windows drivers and it switches back to
    1Gb so somethings wrong with the Nvidia drivers.

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