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Thread: wbr 1310 problems...

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    wbr 1310 problems...

    hey everyone,

    I have a wbr 1310 and i can't seem to get into the to change any of the settings. I'm trying to put a password on my wireless network but since I can't get into the site, and I can't find the disk that they have for it, I can't do anything...

    any ideas on something that might help me out would be greatly appreciated


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    wbr 1310 problems...

    1) open web browser
    2) on address line type in
    3) this should bring up the router login page
    4) if you haven't already logged in previously and changed the password, use Username: Admin and Password: Press <Enter> key
    5) That "should" get you in

    You can download the manual from:

    Look in the "Member Contributed Manuals" section
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    I know that, but the address only brings me to a page that says that the link is broken

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    Connect by Cat5 and try again. Be sure the address is
    From a cmd prompt, type ipconfig /all and see what the gateway IP is.

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