Hi Business Professionals,

Are you confused about how mobility can make your company profitable?

If you presently have major concerns about how mobility can help your
business become profitable or have tried to add mobility to your
company only to have it fall short of what you need then you own it to
your business to take this mobility questionnaire to see how to how to
plan your mobile network.

I am asking questions about mobility because for many businesses
mobility has become a problem because there are so many devices and
applications on the market that many companies are confused about what
is best for them and how it will help make their business better.

Why I’m I asking these questions?

I am asking these questions to show business that by asking
themselves the hard questions about their business and how mobility
can help that work. It will also show them that mobility must be
something that is planned for in order for it to be successful. I am
sure that after you answer these questions you will see that only
through planning can mobility be successful.

These questions will help you form a mobile business plan that we can
use to help your enterprise to become mobile and productive.

1. Describe your business
2. What do you want to accomplish in your business by going mobile?
3. Do you have mobile devices now?
4. How many mobile devices do you have in your company?
5. Who owns the devices? You or the company?
6. Are you or your staff trained on how to correctly use the device?
7. Do any of the devices have company data not on your main system?
8. Do any of the devices have password protection installed?
9. Do you have any IT management in place to check if theses devices
are being linked to your system on a daily schedule?
10. If the devices are lost or stolen do you have a plan to retrieve
that data?
11. Do you have a budget set up for mobility?
12. What is the time frame for you to become mobile?
13. When are you planning to implement your mobile plan?

Now that I have answered these questions can you tell me more about

In today’s economy there has been no more confusing technology then
business mobility. What does the term mobility really mean? What is
mobile is it a cell phone, a PDA, or a WI-FI enabled laptop? Or is it
a little bit of all of them. Maybe mobility is in the network the ease
of being connected to your important information no matter what device
you are using. If that is how you’re thinking of mobility then you are
halfway there. Yes, I said halfway there, the other and most important
half is what many businesses fail to understand.

That is mobility is your culture, applications, and how your business
relates to your employees and customers. In short mobility is you.
Here’s why no mobile solution can be effective for you if it’s not
tailored for the way you do business. Many companies that have tried
and failed at mobility have blamed their failure on not having the
right device or network. Then they compound their failure by buying
more devices and trying the latest greatest network offering without
taking a look at the real barrier to why their mobile project keeps
failing that is how they do business. Instead of creating a mobile
assessment of how their business works and which parts of their
business can become mobile and what parts should be left as they are.
Instead they depend on the marketplace to tell them how to run their
business in the mobile environment.

While the mobile market has some great products and services they are
only tools to help you build your mobile network but, they are not
your network simply because they don’t know how your business works.
So they really can’t make you mobile only you can do that. So the
question you should be asking me is “How can you make my business
mobile, and where do we start”? The fact that you are asking that
question means you are thinking that mobility is more than just

The Mobile Solution We Offer

Now that you know about mobility I want to tell about the solution we
offer called “MERP” [Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning] this
solution helps business by combining the three main components of
mobility that is consulting, training, and system integration. These
three components are keys to a successful mobile project. Yet most
mobile companies don’t offer these services to their clients instead
they stress the latest greatest mobile devices and not the planning or
development of a solution that can help our business create a mobile
network. Our MERP solution works with you by applying our three point
system that works with your business to developing a mobile business
plan that is designed to fit your business. That will grow with your
business no matter what mobile device you deploy. Here is how the MERP
System works

MERP Three Tier Solution

MERP Consulting Services
Begins at the start of your mobile solution. Our staff will prepare a
detailed report on your company. This report will outline the present
utilization of your technology resources and instances where handheld
computing or mobile computing could benefit your organization. This
report is truly one of a kind, as it is custom prepared for your
enterprise. This is not a cookie cutter solution.

MERP Training Services
Takes over from there. Beginning with training for both end user and
IT staff on the latest in mobile devices. We are totally cross-
platform, using Palm OS, RIM Blackberry, Pocket PC, and other mobile

MERP System Integration Services
The final part of our 'start to finish' solution, integrates the new
mobile system with your existing legacy system we work with your IT
for a smooth integration. Furthermore we stay with you after the
integration to handle any problems that should arise. The success of
mobile technology integration is important to us.

Are You Ready to Design Your Mobile Network?

Then let us help you by sending you a FREE copy our white paper
“Handheld Application Guidebook” this white paper is a blueprint on
how to create a mobile network in this white paper you will learn:

• Getting a plan in place
• Budgeting for Handhelds
• The Reality of Multiple Devices
• The Importance of Training
• Managing a Mobile Network
• Security Concerns

So why are we sending you this white paper with our secrets on how to
create a mobile network? Because we know that once you know how a
mobile network is created and how it can benefit your business. You
will be able to have that network deployed knowing that because you
planned that network you have avoided the mistakes that could lead to
failure. But that not all we don’t want to leave you hanging when you
send for the white paper you will also get a consultation from our
mobile consultant to ask us questions about your mobile needs.

To download a FREE copy visit “Handheld Application Guidebook”.

If your are interested in learning more about mobility contact me at
1- 773-944-1365
Howard Lee CIO Wirehead Technology