Here's the basic rundown. I setup a VPN server on my windows XP machine at home which is behind a linksys router which I forwarded the correct ports to. I'm connecting to the VPN from a friends house. First I was able to connect to the VPN and use the internet via the VPN which is conformed I was running through my VPN because showed my IP address as my home IP address. At this point, I could not browse, ping, file share, etc with my home network, just access the internet through that connection.

After 2 days of googling somebody suggested turning off "Use default gateway on remote network" on the clients computer's TCP/IP>Advanced settings for the VPN properties. As soon as I did this and reconnected, I was instantly on my home network, sharing files, pinging, etc.

But wait... I open my internet browser, and no internet. Short of quickly disconnecting my VPN to use the internet, how can I browse the internet via my VPN and use my network all in one fell swoop?