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Thread: Why do I have to keep resetting LAN Adapter?

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    Why do I have to keep resetting LAN Adapter?

    In another post I listed my almost non-existent upload speed (.24 Mbps).

    I'm able to temporarily correct the problem by "restting" my LAN adapter, but it keeps losing the upload speed. Any ideas why? or what's wrong?

    Very aggravating, this is only happening on my wired connection, wireless connection to Netgear WGR614v2 router is fine (DL = 20Mbps, UL = 3.7Mbps)..

    I do notice a much shorter ping (10 vs 26) when the upload speed is gone.

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    try setting the duplex or link speed to 100full Also maybe try setting the buffers in the lan adapter properties to higher or lower setting.
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