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Thread: Open port used by VMware service; safe?

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    Question Open port used by VMware service; safe?

    I'm pretty sure I'm safe, but since I'm not very knowledgeable about computer security, I thought I'd ask about this anyway. I ran a port scan and found port 912 open for tcp and filtered? for udp. When I tracked down the process id, I found it belonged to VMware Authorization Service, vmware-authd.exe. Now I did install a VMware appliance that I rarely use and VMware is a reputable company, but I do online banking and shopping, so I fret a lot about computer security. I've got Avast! Home antivirus and ZoneAlarm Free firewall. BTW, ZoneAlarm says it blocked an ICMP Echo request ('ping') from ShieldsUp,, another port scan I used. ShieldsUp also says port 912 is open. I can stop the VMware service or set it to Manual start, but am I OK just leaving it running with Automatic start? TIA from someone who'd rather be safe than sorry.

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    That port's standard with the vmware products. It's pretty safe, but I'd keep the software up-to-date and block that port from the Internet if possible.
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