First off, first post here : ) I've seen those albert and crazy cat guys too many times and I've probably landed here more than a few times from google looking for command prompt help, so now it's time to ask my own question.

I was wondering if there's a way to see if a user has a current session on a machine (if they are logged in).

I'm reading a really simple and nice dos/cmd/bat post right now, I know I ran across.

Also is there any way to have a for loop that increments a variable every time?

My idea is that I want to make a bat file that you can drag a file onto and it will copy the file onto several machines, which all have a number prefix at the end of them, of course before coping to them, it needs to check if the user is logged in, also the users will have to run a file first every day b4 they can be accessed, because they have deepfreeze on them with 1 thaw drive.

Thanks in advanced.