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Thread: Urgent wifi "N" help needed :(

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    Urgent wifi "N" help needed :(

    Hi ,

    If someone in the know could check out I am at my wits end, and have googled long and hard.

    I am running windows 7 on my toshiba and 2 dell's. I bought 2 Netcomm NP901n Usb N wireless adapters ( could not find any small form factor pci)

    My G was only transferring @ 1 megabytes per/second now with the new setup it is
    N is transferring @ 3 megabytes per/second.

    I was told by my ISP to change my Beklin Bob to 20/40 MHz Bandwidth and wirless mode to N only. <---- This is the belkin bob I am referring too

    My internet max download is still 1.5 Mb p/second so that hasnt changed. but why is my wireless transfers still painfully slow? I have updated the drivers via windows update and I cannot find an answer, I bought the wireless G PCI adapters 2 months ago before bob, and I have all this **** that is worthless to me and I have spent good money. and need help desperately.

    I am on the same floor a 5 rooms apartment, the 2 pcs and laptop are within 9 metres of each other.

    I did mean 1 megabyte per second eg. moving 100 Mb would take 100 seconds.

    I changed the channel to 1 and no difference to the noise level or transfer speed.

    When I called iinet I was informed that the belkin bob had nothing to do with wireless transfers and that transfers just go from adapter to adapter. and that you can turn off the bob and still transfer. Is this correct? I was told by a WP member that it does go through the router.

    I just need to know where the problem is, as I have tried N and G adapters with VERY slow speeds. There is nothing plugged in near the router, no 5GHz phones just the belkin bob handset in a cradle 3 metres away in the living room.

    If anyone has any ideas as to trouble shoot what is the problem.

    According to iinet the Belkin BoB isnt at fault.
    I have used 2 sets of adapters tp link G PCI adapters and now the Netcomm USB N adapters.

    I am maybe going to have to remove 7 and put XP on all machines

    Please if anyone has any suggestions on how to find what is slowing this down.

    I just want to stream videos, and it should have been able to be done with the wireless G.

    Please please help this my 8th forum posting but nobody could help, this looks like the best forum to help me

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    Well, the first thing I disagree with, when you have client PCs behind a router, and you do a transfer between PCs..that traffic still goes through the LAN side of the home router. Most home grade routers have a built in 4 port switch, and a home grade wireless router has a built in access point on the LAN side.

    Just like if you have 3x PCs connected with ethernet cable using a switch..traffic from one computer to another passes through the switch first. Same with a wireless router...traffic from client PC to another still passes through the access point part of the switch. It doesn't go through the "router" part, it stays on the LAN side of your Belkin.

    An "ad-hoc" network is diferent, that's where you setup a small peer to peer network directly between computers, no access point in the middle. That's what they are referring to.

    2.4Ghz phones are the common interference.
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    I think this is enough .....
    I do agree with you. Those are the most effective way
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