Problem getting a wireless connection to HP iPAQ h5455. This is a rather old unit, it is a Pocket pc type from about 2003. I was playing with to see if it still was useful.

The problem is that I just can not get a internet connection. From what I have been able to determine, it is connected wirelessly with the modem router.

Here us what I am using :
Westell DSL 327W modem/router

I currently have 3 other computer using this modem/router. 2 of them are wired and the third is a wireless connection.

As far as the Hp iPAQ h5455 goes, I believe it is up dated to the latest drivers and firmware.

It seems like I can ping the other computers from the h5455 and that other computers can ping h5455 but only if I use the ip address for the h5455 and not it's name"pock".

However if I try and ping the h5455 using it's name "pock" then it will respond with good results.

I have various manuals on the unit but I still have not been able to make a connection to the internet.

Since I am not very good at this network stuff. I really do not know what information you need. So you ask questions and I will attempt to answer them. If that is ok.