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Thread: Need help - Wake on Lan over internet

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    Need help - Wake on Lan over internet

    Ok, so I have been searching everywhere to try and get this working but can't seem to get this resolved so was hoping by posting something here may greatly assist.

    I have successfully got WOL working on my LAN but can't get this working consistently over the interenet. Basically it works over the internet for about 1 mins then I believe the ARP table must clear on my router and it not longer works. Here is what I have done:-

    1. I have UDP port 9 forwarded to the internal IP address of the computer I want to wake. This is a static IP address

    2. I have also configured a DHCP reservation to try and tie the IP address to the MAC address of the PC to see if this helps.

    3. I have tried to port forward UPD 9 to the broadcast address of this IP range This didn't work as it says not a valid IP. I tried turning off Javascript and submitting and this didn't work either.

    4. I have tried changing the LAN IP range by splitting into 2 subnets so I have entered the one that the router sees as a valid IP address but this still doesn't broadcast.

    5. I have tried various internet sites utilities to wake the PC but not work after about 1 mins of being switched off.

    6. I use DyDNS to keep my dynamic ISP IP address registered and I enter the following details in the WOL utilities:-

    IP Address/Hostname:- My externally facing IP address or hostname registered by DyDNS
    MAC Address:- MAC address of PC
    Port:- 9 usually
    Subnet Mask:- (should this be my internal subnet or ext subnet?)

    I believe everything is setup correctly as it can wake the computer 100% of the time on the LAN and within 1 mins of the PC being turned off over the internet. So I am confident the packets are getting to the router, just not always to the PC.

    I have tried this on a Sky router (SAGEM F@ST) with standard firmware.

    I have also tried this on Netgear DG834 running standard firmware and have also put a custom firmware on that says it allows Wake on Lan, however this functionality only allows this to be woken on Lan when accessing the router admin page over the internet so really its only doing wake on lan and not over the internet as when I access my router page the magic packet is only being sent internally.

    I have tried to add an ARP entry on to the Netgear router that has custom firmware as I believe this will allow it to work, however the custom firmware I have doesn't provide the ARP command. I have used the DGTeam custom firmware.

    I also have a linksys WAG54GS router that I haven't tried as this is older than my other and from what I have read I will have the same issues - can anyone confirm if it is possible or if a custom firmware is available that will allow me to do this?

    I have also read on this forum that you can alter the subnet to ensure the internal IP address of my PC can be targetted. I am unsure of how to do this. If anyone can provide an explanation I would be greatfull. As mentioned my internal IP is

    Any help will be appreciated as I am unsure of where to go from here other than purchasing a new router which I didn't really want to do.


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    Have you enabled WOL in your BIOS - assuming it supports WOL?

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    Wol is enabled in the bios and on the network card as it works on my LAN 100% of the time. It just doesn't work over the Internet consistently

    i'm flat out of options to try and was hoping for some guidance.

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    Did you manage to find away around this at all?

    Im having exactly the same problems


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    MDavenport, I'm up against the same problem. I've tried everything I can think of, same as you.

    Did you ever manage to resolve this issue?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Calvin View Post
    which OS are you using ??
    as it is not supported in xp sp 2 .
    Windows 7 x86

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