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Thread: 5 Best PC Games According to you,,,,

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    5 Best PC Games According to you,,,,

    Hi to all
    Here is your thread where you can write the name of 5 favorite game that you like most.So this way we can have a list of best games and can decide which game we should play next..
    So here is mine,,,

    1.Prince of persia (warrior within)
    2.Half life 2
    3.Call of duty 4
    4.Nfs (carbon)
    5.Delta force.

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    interesting #1 game you have.

    1 - Quake 3 (Freeze mod and Clan Arena mod)
    2 - NFS Shift (just got this one...AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!)
    3 - Command and Conquer Zero Hour
    4 - Track Mania United
    5 - Original Quake

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    Best on time played, mods/addons, and overall quality:

    1. Unreal Tournament
    2. BF1942
    3. Quake 3
    4. Starcraft
    5. Carmageddon

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    Depends on my mood. Does "Best" mean what I play now? Or best as far as what hit me the most?

    I don't play it anymore, but Quake 1 had the biggest impact on me. The first TRUE 3D world environment and great multiplayer melee fun. Quake 2 and 3 expanded the multiplayer fun, but nothing novel about them..just "newer".

    Half Life, original, best single player experience as far as enemy AI and goals at the end of levels.

    Unreal Tournament...great multiplayer fun....pulled us away from Quake 2/3. The original Unreal probably had the biggest jaw dropping effect on me since GLQuake, as far as walking around the staring at things in the level. Graphics, environment. The wide open expanse of some levels was awesome.

    Battlefield 1942 (and some of its mods like DC)....I've probably spent the most hours playing this game. Being a WWII hobbyist, I found the realism and wide open levels to make this stand above other online games. I keep coming back to this game time and time again.

    Currently QuakeLive is taking up my time, it's fun to get back into the fast paced melee action.
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    1. Prince of Persia
    2. World of Warcraft
    3. Need for Speed 5
    4. Call of Duty
    5. Quake

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    1)Rogue Spear series (urban ops...etc)
    3)NFS Underground II
    4)NFS Porsche something
    5)Max Payne
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    1. Ghost Recon
    2. BF1942 + DC
    3. Need For Speed Underground II
    4. Quake 2
    5. GTA 3
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    Unreal-Unreal Engine-Cutting Edge in its day-Miss playing Wa. servers
    Unrea Tournament-Head Shots loved em online
    Q3-Fast action, but got repetitive
    Doom3-Rock solid LoL. Not much activity now..
    Dues Ex-Non MP-Nice Interactive
    Halo-Love & hate-Lag city but still play

    Most unusual Game
    Crysis-Original was a crisis to get to run period. Jawdropping on right system. Taxes system bit tooo much.

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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Had some pretty good thrills there. Especially my special "Run behind a random person and stab him with a knife, then loot his corpse" trick.
    Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion - Probably one of the best RPGs I have played. It was also the reason I upgraded the graphics card on my computer.
    Half-Life 2 - Great FPS, and it also lead to my favorite mod Zombie Panic: Source
    Crysis Wars - Ironically enough it was the first time I played an MMO on a FPS platform. Before I was playing MMORPGs and that was it. Hehe.
    Zombie Panic: Source - Even though it is a mod, its a great mod. Involves using actual survival skills instead of just shooting the crap out of everything.

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    1. Ghost Recon
    2. Quake II
    3. Halo
    4. Techmobowl
    5. Madden 95
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    1. Dragon Age Origins
    2. Guild WARS Trilogy
    3. Luxor 3
    4. War of Warcraft
    5. Left for Dead 2

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    Diablo 2 is probably the overall best/most fun/most time spent PC game to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fixationdarknes View Post
    Diablo 2 is probably the overall best/most fun/most time spent PC game to me.
    D3 could be out later this year but most like q1 of 2011. Not my cup of tea but I thought I would share that with you if you didn't already know about it.

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    1. company of heroes
    2. zero hour
    3. cod modren warfare 2
    4. dead or alive
    5. obivilon
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    Quote Originally Posted by loop2kil View Post
    D3 could be out later this year but most like q1 of 2011. Not my cup of tea but I thought I would share that with you if you didn't already know about it.
    Hah, yeah. I've been eagerly looking up D3 news for a while. Although I have reason to believe it won't be out until 2012 or even later. It's clear that Blizzard isn't going to lose their WoW subscribers to Diablo 3, so they are going to milk WoW for as long as possible so as not to have two rpg's competing with each other. Meanwhile they have SC2 that's now in its supposed final beta stages, as well as SC2 expansion they can work on, and who knows what else.

    Here's a pic from a Blizzard presentation:

    You played the Song of Storms!

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    Definitive list, if I do say so myself;

    1. Diablo 2
    2. Age of Conan
    3. Unreal Tournament

    Yep, that's my top 5

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    In no particular order:

    Battlefield 1942
    Elder Scrolls series RPG's (played all of them over the years)
    Sid Meir's Civilization series (Civ II was probably my favorite)
    Company of Heroes
    Command & Conquer series

    honorable mention:

    Doom series
    SimCity series
    Sid Meir's Pirates!
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