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Thread: Security

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    Todd H.

    Re: Security

    Albert <> writes:

    > Todd H. wrote:
    >> How is the machine physically secured?

    > What do you mean by "physically secured"?

    Your original post didn't mention if we were talking about a server in
    a rack, or under a desk, in an office, in a private residence, etc.
    Physical security = who can put their hands on the box. Because if
    someone can touch the box, they can own it.

    >> Who can, say, get at its USB ports? Console?

    > Only me.

    Then that cuts out a lot of worries about attacks from people with
    physical access to the box.

    >> What OS is it?

    > To be Windows 7.
    >> What else is on the LAN with that computer? What else can initiate
    >> any sort of network connection to the computer?

    > Nothing else.

    If it's the only machine on the lan, and that lan is firewalled off
    from the Internet, and only getting SAS and AV updates, then indeed
    your attack surface is very very small. You can then basically cross
    network based attacks off the worry list. And as you dont' have a
    user running internet based apps like web browsers chat clients or
    peer to peer stuff on it, that cuts out all client-side attacks from
    the worry list as well. About all you'd have to worry about is the
    security of DNS to the SAS and AV update servers to avoid any arcane
    man in the middle rougue update attack that might possibly be
    envisioned, but I'd say those odds are quite small.

    >> What services are running on the computer? Have they been kept up
    >> to date? Do they have unpatched vulnerabilities?

    > An AV, SAS and probably Sun VirtualBox.
    >> How is it known that the computer only does those 2 things?

    > Because I said so.

    Sounds like if this is to be Windows 7 and you don't have the OS and
    machine together yet, that you don't know exactly what services are
    really running on the computer, just what things you plan to put on
    the box. So, please, don't be an snide ******* when people are trying
    to help you for free.

    Technically, "Because I said so" doesn't tell you the same things a
    port scan, list of running services pasted into a posting, or network
    vulnerability tool would in terms of what you think you know about
    what services are being offered by this machine (such as SMBv2 and its
    (unpatched by vendor?) vulnerability. Then again we just had a patch
    Tuesday so maybe they fixed that big ah-**** with smbv2. At any rate,
    the services that are listing turns out to be a moot point since
    you're in the very unusual situation of this one box being all alone
    on the LAN, therefore the threats to its listening services from other
    devices aren't really anything to worry about.

    In summary: Your proposed setup seems poised to be a pretty tough
    target, if the assumptions you've put forward all turn out accurate.

    But I suspect that if this is a single machine in your home(?) all
    alone on the LAN, you might be doing some web surfing from it? If so,
    then that'd probably be the primary vector for getting infected.

    Best Regards,
    Todd H.

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    Re: Security

    "Albert" <> schreef in bericht
    > I've just installed XP and need to surf the web. Do I need to install
    > anything?

    How about this?
    1 Anti-virus
    2 Firewall
    3 Anti-Spy
    4 Anti-Spam
    Is this enough?

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    Root Kit

    Re: Security

    On Thu, 26 Nov 2009 15:08:36 +0100, "Repelsteeltje" <henbrosj.2@don't
    messwith me> wrote:

    >"Albert" <> schreef in bericht
    >> I've just installed XP and need to surf the web. Do I need to install
    >> anything?

    >How about this?
    >1 Anti-virus
    >2 Firewall
    >3 Anti-Spy
    >4 Anti-Spam
    >Is this enough?

    You don't need all kinds of anti-this and -that.

    What you need is to surf the web in a sensible way using a robust
    browser. And keep both your OS and installed applications patched.

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