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Thread: Help HOW TO per/client bandwidth/throttle - PPPoe pipe & ics

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    Question Help HOW TO per/client bandwidth/throttle - PPPoe pipe & ics

    I work in an office. We have seasonal workers coming and going throughout the season living on the premises upstairs. I would like to provide internet access to them via Wifi but also control the amount of bandwidth available to them via a program...method...something.

    Here's where I'm at.

    I have a connection via PPPoe to the ISP via a long distance wifi station.

    I have a computer acting as a server connection via a PPPoe session and sharing the connection via ICS to a Wifi Netgear router.

    At this point, I have successfully configured the ICS and am able to use the net via networked wifi but assigning a network IP and the server as a gateway in the ip configuration of any wifi connected client.

    NOW! How do I restrict, allocate, and prioritize bandwidth usage PER client in the simplest way possible? A program on the server etc.

    What I'm thinking of is a program that would let me set up a client access list, and restrict usage per client, set up per client bandwidth priority etc. on the ICS machine. Because the ics server is running on a general purpose machine and is used by various clients. It would be a great feature if the program/method would be password protected preventing "the clients" adding and changing settings.

    Is there anything like what I'm asking for that doesn't require ages to set up and doesn't require endless per/port setup.

    Your suggestions would be very helpfull.

    Thank You

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    Me too

    I am trying to do the same exact thing this year. However, I have not been as succesfull as you in accomplishing the shared connection. Any way you could give me a run down on how you did that? I know its been a while now but I think Ive found your solution. Its called "hotspot" by "Antemedia" it even allows you to charge

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