I'm trying to get my wireless router to connect with my wireless ATA
as an access point. In spite of the settings below my router's web
page does not show the ATA as one of its connected devices, nor does
its DHCP assign an IP to the LAN NIC connected to the ATA. After
forcing an IP on the NIC, I can login to the ATA's web page and make
changes. Am I missing a configuration issue that's keeping the
wireless ATA from appearing on my router's network?

OS: Vista32 SP2
Router IP = = URL of router config web page
Router IP range = -
Router DHCP = ON
Router MAC ID filtering = OFF
IP of Wireless ATA = = URL of ATA config web page
IP of LAN NIC connected to ATA =
Wireless indicator on the ATA is ON.
ATA SSID = same as wireless router's
ATA SSID Broadcast flag = Enable
ATA channel = same as wireless router's
ATA WEP = same as wireless router's