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Thread: possible firewall breach.....

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    Exclamation possible firewall breach.....


    PC security expert Steve Gibson has released a Trojan horse that masquerades as a trusted application and gets past most software firewalls, including those in Norton Internet Security and Norton Personal Firewall products.

    Gibson's LeakTest Trojan exploits the fact that Norton Security products--and most firewalls--compare any new Internet communication against a list of trusted applications--such as Web browsers, e-mail clients, and instant messengers--that it lets open ports on your PC. Gibson simply changes the name of his Trojan and certain behaviors to mimic a trusted program. Worse yet, Gibson's Trojan can give the firewall a new rule allowing entry of any application after that.

    There are no known incidents of this having happened. Gibson is a longtime industry guru interested in finding holes before the bad guys do and publicizing them to put pressure on virus protection companies.


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    I heard that my antivirus program I run sent a letter to me about it. If I can remember what I did with it I will post the ten most firewalls that it can break. I run Macfee and get news letters all the time from them in the regular mail. I know most of the firewalls were the free ones that were popular andone was Mcafee's fire wall. But I don't use there's.if I find it . I will post it.Thanks for posting this, It will help out a lot of people.

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