Got a fairly new DI-604 revE router that failed a firmware update. It had firmware 3.38 and I
downloaded 3.53 from D-Link. I began the firmware update with IE6 and after a few seconds I got
an error saying something like "Incorrect formatted media" or something like that. I clicked OK
and the router said it was rebooting. Well, that was the end of that!!! Now when I try to access the
router I get "Firmware Upgrade" with a box that says "Browse for file" and a button that says "Send"
in IE6 . I click Browse and select the proper firmware, then click "Send" it tries sending the
firmware to the router for a few seconds than I get "Page not Found"...... I googled for help and
found all kinds of ways to reset the router to a working state again but none worked.

I bought 2 of these routers new 2 years ago. Ones in use but has started acting up. This one was
the backup router for when the first one failed...... I used the same firmware a few weeks ago
trying to resurrect the first router that's acting flaky but it didn't help, that router is still
screwing up, but not from the firmware upgrade. I really need to get this new router back up and
running if at all possible...... Anyone know of a way to force a flash on this router or a way to
reset it that works ?????

Thanks in advance