"Bluuuue Rajah" <Bluuuuue@Rajah.> wrote in message
> I'm always suspicious of sex links that point back to lawless or communist
> countries, and somebody posted this link for a nipple slip pic onto agc,
> but the link points back to China.
> http://downunderdaily.com/Entertainm...frankel-shows-
> nipples-in-a-see-through-dress.html
> The link makes it look like they're in Australia, which they aren't, so it
> looks like they've gone to a lot of trouble to cover their trail. Norton
> Security flags it as clean, but I worry that the Chinese are good enough
> to
> get around Norton and still get a Trojan under the radar.
> Should I be suspicious of this, or am I just being a fraidy cat?

If you wouldn't sit around looking at porn you wouldn't have this problem.