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> Apple’s move to strip third-party Google Voice iPhone apps from the
> AppStore drew the ire of iPhone users everywhere. To make matters
> worse, Apple’s secretive ways have shrouded mystery over why Google
> Voice apps like GV Mobile were recently pulled from the AppStore.
> Did AT&T ask Apple to ban Google Voice apps in order to prevent
> iPhone customers from making cheap phone calls and sending discount
> text messages? Did Google request the iPhone apps’ removal in an
> attempt to push their own Google Voice iPhone app? Fortunately, the
> federal government is just as curious as we are. The Federal
> Communications Commission has launched an official inquiry into why
> Apple gave Google Voice the boot.
> The FCC has sent out letters to Apple, AT&T and Google, asking each
> company to explain their involvement in the decision to remove the
> Google Voice apps. The FCC’s mission to "to foster a competitive
> wireless marketplace, protect and empower consumers, and promote
> innovation and investment" puts it in a unique position of power to
> find out whether or not Apple, AT&T or Google colluded to squash
> competition in the wireless market.
> In their letter to Apple, the FCC asks why the company did what it
> did. The FCC also wants to know if AT&T had anything to do with
> their decision. And, if so, to what extent did AT&T influence
> Apple’s decision. The feds are also asking what kind of obligations
> Apple has to AT&T when it comes to approving apps for the iPhone
> AppStore.
> The letter to AT&T likewise asks whether or not the wireless
> carrier is involved in AppStore approvals. More specifically, the
> FCC would like to know if Apple is contractually obligated to bow
> to AT&T’s will when it comes to the iPhone. The FCC is also
> requesting copies of all communications between Apple, AT&T and
> Google.
> Google got off the easiest. The FCC wants to know if Apple gave
> Google a reason as to why the Google Voice app was rejected, and if
> there are any other iPhone apps coming from Google.
> The important thing to note here is that the FCC is launching an
> official inquiry into why Apple suddenly took a disliking to Google
> Voice apps. The matter will open to the public, so official company
> comments on the matter will be made available for everyone to see.
> We’ll keep a close eye on this one.
> Links to letters at:
> <
> pples-banishment-of-google-voice-iphone-app.html>

Well, let's see how they end having to redefine their use of the words,
"open platform."