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Thread: D-LINK DIR-825 router problems

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    D-LINK DIR-825 router problems

    I have had my DIR-825 for about 5 months now, no problems until tonight. I noticed in my online games my ping would spike and I would start lagging.

    3 computers are on the wireless 2.4 network
    1 computer is hard wired on the 100LAN

    *edit* only the WI-FI computers experience this problem.

    I did a ping to google then yahoo then facebook and all returned the same results: pings from 400ms spiking to 2500ms and every 10-15 pings, it would time out.

    I then took the router out of the loop and connected one of my computers direct to my cable modem. Everything good, pings in the 15-40ms range, no spiking.

    I then found an update to my firmware, proceeded to update it to the latest 112NA

    Same problem. Extreme pings and lag.

    I goto and do a few tests there, the usual 45ms ping, 9-10mb down - and .45mb up are up to 500ms ping, 4mb down and .1mb upload. and to note here, instead of a nice steady download speed, the speed bounces around from 1-5mb

    What is the problem?
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