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Thread: VPN Feature query?

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    Question VPN Feature query?

    Hello all,
    I am looking to buy a router with VPN Feature. I would be configuring either Client-to-Gateway VPN Tunnels or Gateway-to-Gateway VPN Tunnels. Now the problem is I donít know how to find out if a router is capable of configuring both VPN Tunnels by seeing the specification in the manufactures web site. And can VPN Feature: IPsec pass-through be considered as a sign that the router is capable of configuring both VPN Tunnles? Please Help me find the VPN Feature that would confirm that the router is capable of configuring both VPN Tunnels or any one.

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    VPN passthrough means users with software VPN clients can use a VPN through the router, basically that the firewall is friendly for VPN connections to pass through it. Say, you're a home user, and you dial into your corporate office from your want a router that supports VPN passthrough.

    Routers that support router to router VPN tunnels will usually advertise themselves in the model name.
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