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Thread: District 9

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    District 9

    I saw it last night, and it's a GREAT movie. It's the kind of action movie I like - one with a plot, and characters you care about, so when the explosions and shooting starts happening, you actually care who wins. It's really brilliant - my bf and I left the theater talking about what the sequel might be Anyone else seen it yet? I'm just so excited to have seen a GOOD action movie - they're few and far between lately.

    Next: Inglourious Basterds.
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    right on ! it's on my queue,looks like fun

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    Excellent movie

    Inglourious Basterds is very good also

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    I loved District 9! I say dude comes back and kick Earth's ass!!
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    I saw that movie with a friend of mine from South Africa. He was really looking forward to watching that movie because it is partially based on a true story. He was telling me that in SA they actually did have districts set up which were filled with Black people and non-white immigrants. His parents even grew up in an area called district 6.

    Overall he enjoyed the movie and so did I, but it was hard to watch at times knowing that **** like that actually happened (ie how they were treated inside those camps).
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    Fantastic movie it was! I can't wait for the second one!

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    Just for the record . Before 1994 that was how it went *cho* and maybe not even all the time . Post 1994 , got a new goverment , and now the are skrewing us ( white )
    Raccism , called affirmative action .

    Just for the record , haven't seen the movie yet . Going tommorow
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    Quote Originally Posted by gertvanjoe View Post
    Raccism , called affirmative action .

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