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Thread: Motherboard or CPU problems...?

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    Motherboard or CPU problems...?


    I've had a few unexpected / bizarre crashes recently and decided to run memtest86. It throws lots of errors before freezing my computer. Assuming it was a RAM issue, I tried both sticks separately and 2 new, different sticks of RAM. All throw the same errors and freeze the computer.

    This has led me to believe the problem is elsewhere, but I'm not sure where to begin looking. I think it's either going to be the motherboard, or the CPU (as the memory controller is on the die, right?)

    I have an Abit Fatal1ty board and an Intel core2quad CPU. I don't have spare parts to test, so I was hoping somebody else might have some idea how I can try and deduce exactly what the problem is.

    I'm running linux (so I can't run any windows specific tools), but any other ideas would be appreciated.

    I can still use the computer - the crashing is rare, but I think this memory issue is certainly indicative of a bigger problem that will hit me worse, when I least expect it.


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    one thing to do is check and make sure the memory timings are set properly in the bios, and check the memory voltage as well.

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    I normally use bootloading applications that run from a cd . The pack I have is called Hirens Boot CD . Maybe you can check to download it somewhere . It has memory and cpu checking and hoardes of other stuff
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