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Thread: Software Bridge vs. Hardware Bridge

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    Software Bridge vs. Hardware Bridge

    First off id like to say hello to everyone since Iím new and this is my first post

    Alright to the problem at hand I looked all over the net and couldnít find anything out there for a question
    I have about Network Bridges

    Software Bridge vs. Hardware Bridge

    I have a router with all my pc's and consoles hooked up but I ran out of ports

    So my laptop isnít on the Network
    Itís not a big deal since I only use it from time to time to write

    Stuff on and then take with me but sometimes id like the net on it for some research
    Anyway buying another switch just for one laptop I feel would be ridiculous (but that's just my opinion)

    So then I started looking into network bridging and found that
    Windows XP Operating system has the
    Ability to Bridge two LAN connections

    Only thing I'm worried about is by using a software bridge
    Wonít major performance be lost?

    Download speeds and upload speeds would probably be terrible wouldnít they?
    Not that upload speeds would matter
    But that's not the point I'm trying to make lol...

    I would also like to know the advantages/disadvantages of both
    Software Bridges and the Hardware Bridges

    Anyway so what are everyoneís thoughts on this mumbo jumbo of mine?
    Should I go with this built in feature of Windows XP

    Or should I be considering buying something like this below

    Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge

    I've heard great things about it already but

    Since I noticed thereís alot more to bridging then I Thought
    I figured maybe I could find a real guru on networking out there to give me
    Some real good INFO thanks for reading everyone

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    Using Windows's clunky...if you want good reliability and simplicity..yes purchase another switch (cheapest), or get a wireless access point to add to your current router (more expensive)...or better yet...purchase a new wireless router to replace your current router (often cheaper than getting just a wireless access point).

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    Yeah that's the problem this laptop believe it or not didn't come with any built in wireless capability and on top of that the port I used to use to connect wireless networks

    is shot a piece of metal inside broke loose and screwed it up real bad so my only option is a wired connection

    I’m going with the bridge.

    I should note that I dock it out-front in the living room so yeah mobility is nice but not needed indoors lol…

    So I'm hoping I can find all the info I need vs. a Software bridge and Hardware Bridge

    Using a new router would be pointless for me but thanks for the reply

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    buy a switch, most routers only have 100mb ports anyhow.

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